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This community is a place to learn of new music, old music, any type of music! Music is what makes us move; for some it keeps them sane. It lets us open our hearts, and refresh our souls. The world cannot live without it. Rock, Pop, Industrial, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, Classical, Techno, Trance, Gothic, and whatever genre I've missed. It's all great. What more can I say? Music absolutely rocks!

Rules and guide-lines
  • Wanna try to get some bands known? Go ahead and enlighten us here, link to where we can listen to .mp3s or .ras. Videos are great too! You're not limited to just new artists though.
  • Links only and limit the pictures. There is a 3 picture limit. Anything more must be lj-cutted, 'cause not everyone is blessed with high-speed internet.
  • Promote your communities. The only thing we ask is that they are music related. If they aren't, the post will be deleted.
  • There is to be no harsh language. It will not be tolerated. You will receive only one warning.
  • Please, try not to link to vulgar music. If so, please warn everybody! Not everyone likes to hear stuff like that. It's just a common courteousy. Thank you.
  • If you become a problem, you will be banned. No need for any more explanation on that.
  • Other than that, have fun!

    Music is what makes us human!